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About Us

Launched in 2023 and delivered to you for and by the pilot spouses of American Airline Pilots.

The idea of Air to Heart started in 2020, through seeing the level of uncertainty that plagued not just the industry, but also families. We saw an overwhelming need for a formal support system for families. In October 2023, the Air to Heart Foundation was awarded non-profit status, cementing our mission to encourage, support and serve.

Our moniker pays homage to the legendary Amelia Earhart – a pioneer in the aviation industry, and a declaration that as families, our hearts are in the air with our pilots, serving the transportation needs of the world. The foundation's logo was crafted by Piper Cardwell, daughter of an American Airlines pilot, and embodies our spirit of unity and resilience.


​The board is comprised of spouses that represent the diversity of American Airlines – military veterans, professionals, homemakers, and the backbone of the family that keep the day-to-day moving, while supporting our pilots. Air to Heart Foundation embraces an inclusive mission, extending support to all spouses and domestic partners, whether active, retired, or bereaved.

We strive to support our three tenants – our family, our future and our legacy. 

Through fundraising endeavors, we aspire to establish a fund capable of providing swift assistance in times of crisis, alongside a scholarship initiative to nurture the next generation of leaders and aviators. We believe in honoring our legacy and plan to do so by supporting the fini flight program and establishing a mentorship program for spouses entering the commercial airline profession.

We are excited for what this foundation stands for and what we hope to achieve. Your membership and support are greatly appreciated! Thank you for being part of our mission!


Thank you for joining us on this transformative journey!


Air to Heart Foundation Initiatives

We update our members and communicate largely via our social media platforms! Please make sure to Like and Follow our public Facebook™ Fan page and subscribe to our Events for information on our various philanthropic initiatives throughout the year!

For Members Only, we have a private group, sharing important information and communications.  

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!! 

Foundation Leaders

Here in the trenches of the Air to Heart Foundation, we have members of all walks and paths that have locked arms to drive the mission of this foundation; full of spirit, talent, grit and honor to be an American Airlines spouse, we bring to the families an outlet full of perspectives and experience that will assist any AA family in their celebrations, life chapters, and time of need. 

Click Here to learn more about our amazing Leaders

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